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What to Post on Instagram

Videos attract the most user attention and usually outperform images posted to the feed. 

However the algorithm doesn’t favour videos over images – it’s simply that videos are more stimulating and hold people’s attention for longer. 

So what does it take to rack up those views? Well if someone plays your video for exactly 3 seconds then you’ve got yourself a view – and that’s a certified Instagram verified fact my friend. 

Also, videos also take up four times more space in the explore feed which is some pretty serious virtual real estate in the world of Instagram. 

So now we know videos are kind on the ‘gram – what’s the best way to make them you might be wondering? We’ve compiled a list of apps that will help you create sizzling video content for your followers… 

Best Video Making Apps For Instagram 

Check out these apps to make your video content pop on Instagram…


Nifty video editor and slideshow maker with the ability to add slick transitions, music effects, voice overs, animation stickers and text. 


Create stunning stories with their array of simple to use templates that include film frames, ripped paper effects, curated fonts and emojis. 


Make epic videos by recording clips or adding them from your library, express yourself with animoji and memoji, apply artistic filters and lots more. 


Make videos with vintage typewriter sounds, incorporate pictures with fonts and colours and adjust the speed of the video and flow of text. 

IGTVs and Instagram Lives     

So what’s the difference between IGTV videos and Instagram Live videos? 

Well let’s start off with which one we prefer the most – IGTV. 


Because IGTV lets you include a clickable link in the description so you can send your followers to your funnel and generate more sales. 

Videos stay up for 24 hours so make sure you save clips to your phone if you ever want to use them again – and remember there is a 10 minute limit set by Instagram per video. 

Remember that you can also publish anything you film on Live straight to your IGTV which is a nice shortcut if you don’t want to skip the step of saving your Live video and then uploading it to IGTV afterwards. Major timesaver! 


Always use relevant and targeted hashtags. 

It’s worth searching to see how popular a hashtag is before using it – why? Because if there are already millions of posts associated with the hashtag in question then it won’t give you the kind of exposure you’re looking for. 

It’s better to choose highly targeted hashtags that will appeal to the audience in your specific niche – keep your hashtags simple, relatable and relevant and you can’t go wrong! 

When’s The Best Time To Post On Instagram?

Luckily Instagram provides you with tools to simplify this process. 

If you have a business account the Insights section will provide you with data on when your audience is most active. 

If you don’t have access to Instagram Insights then try thinking about your audiences daily habits – 

When are they likely to be online? 

Do they scroll during their daily commute? 

Is it while watching TV in the evenings? 

Adapt yourself to the mindset of your average audience member and start posting at different times throughout the day to see what gleams the best results.

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