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Why you should use Instagram for your business

In the Instagram business world, creative content is the winning formula. In the last few years, Instagram has created a global photographic phenomenon; accentuating and forever expanding a company’s marketing schemes.

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“Instagram for business is a social platform that becomes a powerful tool for a company to communicate. Without the need of explosive copy-writing, it’s as simple as taking a picture.”

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Sharing images has changed our lives: evoking empowerment, motivation and inspiration for users. Instagram for business has shifted the playing field in social selling; as now their has been a dramatic change in how we interact with brands.

Using Instagram for Business is a Good Thing

It’s easy to see why using Instagram for business is a commendable thing. The platform has a global community of 800,000 million users and has access to user’s interests. This is particularly useful as you can easily find potential customers through hashtag strategies or advertisements.

Corporations who use Instagram can gain some potential custom just by taking part. The platform activates people to share almost everything; especially brand affiliation, just by taking a photo.

Instagram for business has given individuals their own digital adverting space in the form of an account. Now, the business’ brand has more opportunities to slide into the communities through influencers and marketing. Instagram also offers user-generated content or the use of advertisements; which, is an advantage to any business.

Instagram Story Success

Things have gotten interesting since Instagram introduced ‘Instagram Stories’ to their app. Users can now upload short posts to their feed; which last 24 hours. For business accounts, it’s another efficient way to promote websites and other links for their followers to interact with. Since Instagram stories were introduced, there is now an average of 250 million views per daily user.

How to Capitalise using Instagram

There are now more ways than one to capitalise on Instagram. On particular industry that has embraced Instagram is the hospitality sector. How many times have you been to a restaurant? We see people sharing pictures of their dining experiences to the world constantly. Posting this content, using generalised hashtags and adding in your location has now become a standard procedure when dining out.

Capitalisation occurs when the customer takes their own photo of a branded dish and shares it with friends, family and followers. That’s what you call free marketing at it’s best! This is a social influence in it’s purest form; it’s not just direct marketing that effects different people from connecting.

The effect this platform has on people has increased our hunter sensibilities. We now seek to capture every moment with the intentions of sharing to the world. These hunters have given us new restaurants to visit and new food to try.

There are over 70% of brands that are using Instagram. This allows their business to create experiences, share company insights, show behind the scenes, share new product launches and show the company’s culture.

So Why Instagram?

Back in March 2017, there was over 120 million Instagram users who: visited a website, got directions, called and emailed business’; just to learn about their brand based on advertising on Instagram alone. Another 60% of users said that ‘they have learnt more about a product of service just by using Instagram.’ Users aren’t just browsing pictures and reading quotes; they are on the look out for business products. They want to buy on their phones as the world is now buying socially more than ever before.

As we know Instagram’s growth is going from strength to strength. This social platform delivers the most engagement than any other social platform. To aid the engagement, they have added features to make you grow too. Instagram has the ability to switch between personal profiles and business profiles.

Using a business profile gives you the opportunity to see the real workings of your Instagram account. Instagram has equipped business profiles with an analytical dashboard where you can view insights for your account. You are now able to see how well your posts are performing; from how many likes each post receives to how much impression and engagement the account gains.

Instagram has more than 800,000 million active users, 250 million story views and 120 million users searching for brands. This is why Instagram is for business.

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