7 Instagram Features you need to know about…

Going all-in on Instagram as a main marketing channel right now would almost certainly be a smart move.. In fact, the Influencer Swap Team believe that this is the biggest opportunity in marketing right now.

We’ve ditched Twitter & Snapchat to put everything into Instagram for the rest of 2017, and will always double down where we think the biggest future opportunities are in business.

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So far we’ve managed to get 10x more data on Insta performance than ever before, and we’re already offering a significantly better all-round service, with big focus on quality and retention + rapid audience growth.

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We’ve freed up some time to run a few fun experiments and will be reporting back here on the results …

Insta made some major changes recently to ‘help’ businesses & influencers get more value from their platform, & they’re coming down hard on automation, + continuing to encourage usage of stories.

So here are 7 points worth noting:

1. Brands can now limit who tags them

(takes away the ability to piggy-back big brands) + helps brands track influencer campaigns more effectively.

2. Brands can now view metrics directly from

Influencer posts. Improved transparency, rewarding the most influential accounts and punishing the fakes.

3. Polls and extra hashtag functions in stories

Insta pushing more engagement in stories – they will continue to reward those who are regularly using their new Snapchat-esque features. Stories, stories, stories <<<

4. Rate limits on likes

From Sept 21st auto-likes got killed off in a big way. Thousands of accounts could no longer send mass likes on auto-pilot, and it’s had Growth hackers searching for new ‘optimal’ settings.

5. Monitor Engagement via Facebook

You can now check & respond to Instagram engagement through your correlating Facebook profiles and Pages, further tying the two platforms and their users to each-other.

6. Threaded comments

You’ll notice your followers can now have more direct conversions with each-other (and with you). Try to reply to all of your comments directly. Also, an extra tip is to try to like and reply to comment from your previous post just before you make your next post – That way you’ll get extra engagement!

7. IG for Desktop

Probably the biggest update, will give considerably traffic to stories. If you’re serious about Instagram and not using stories every day then it’s time to rethink. Stories are now available on desktop, so for all those people browsing Instagram at work on their lunch-breaks, they’ll probably be watching your stories just as much as your news-feed. This is a big change because stories are harder to schedule and automate. We’re thinking about launching story pods.

So, what do you think?

Instagram is changing fast… the ones who adapt to these changes quickly will benefit the most. Many of the old techniques will still work just fine, but a major point to take from all of this is, more than ever:

‘👑 Content is king 👑’

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