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How to optimize your profile for passive growth

Not many people know this but you can get your Instagram account to grow passively with relatively little work.

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“With a few tweaks you can get your profile to slowly gain followers on autopilot or if you combine it with active growth methods it can supercharge your growth.”

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There are 3 main elements to an account and these can all be optimized to make your profile seem professional and make you look like an expert in your field.  Your username, bio and display picture can all make a huge difference in the way Instagram presents your account to the world and how it is perceived by others.


When it comes to your username its best to keep it plain and simple, for example, SprytApp, OneYearNoBeer or Unboundly. In the first example, you can see the company name Spryt and they’ve combined it with what they actually offer, an app. OneYearNoBeer has gone a different way and used a tagline to help convey what their profile is about before you’ve even had a chance to look at their content. Unboundly may not instantly jump out at you or even make it clear what their profile is about but they have used their company name which makes it easy for them to be found online and provides consistency across their social media channels.

As you can see from the above examples simplicity is key. When making your username or if you decide to change it, it’s best to avoid hyphens, underscores, full stops and numbers, or a combination of the four. Other, more basic things to avoid are long strings of recurring letters and using current trend words. When it comes to notifications, does your username make them want to click through to your profile? If the answer is yes and it avoids all of the common mistakes above then you have found yourself a successful username!


There are three different ways to do your bio based on whether you are a personal brand/persona, a small local business or a large brand but there are elements that will stay the same for all three.

Your bio is made up of four parts, your name, your bio, a website link and if you have a business profile, you can do all of the previous parts as well as having the ability to add a category.

Your name appears in bold and this is indexed by the Instagram search engine, along with the username. This can be used to give yourself better reach through Instagram search without having to overthink or overcomplicate your username. For business use, the name section is best utilized to place any important keywords such as product names or brand names which will further increase your reach.

If you are a persona or using Instagram as part of your personal branding you can use your name and then add your title afterwards for example:

Bob Jefferies – Business Coach

Jessica Lovejoy – Influencer + Beauty Blogger

Terry Speaker – Entrepreneur

Using this method, you’ll appear in the search if people are looking for based on your name or if they are looking for a business coach, influencer, etc. If you have a long name you might want to shorten it to fit in as many keywords so you don’t lose out on reach.

As a small local business, it can also help to use your location as well as what you offer, for example, NYC’s #1 Dance Studio or San Diego Women’s Bootcamp. This allows your local target market to find you in the same way they would find your website through google.

If you’re a global business, a household name or if you have a large niche following you can use bigger keywords based on what you do. If you had a large fitness account you could put Gym Workouts in the name section or if you had a dessert account you could put Dessert Recipes. This means you’ll appear in common, everyday searches and pick up more followers but this is only possible with a large account or a big brand.

Display Picture

When it comes to a display picture it will depend on whether you are a personal brand/persona, a small local business or a large brand.

A personal account display picture should be a clear image of yourself and if you’re using it as a personal brand you should try and include a product or the service you offer. If you were a fitness influencer you could have a clear picture of yourself but take it at the gym or have someone else take some while you go through your routine and then choose your favourite. If you were a chef you could have a picture of yourself plating up or in the kitchen.

As a local brick and mortar shop, you would want to put your shopfront with yourself and some of your products as your display picture. This helps to tie together what your shop looks like, what you look like when they enter the shop and what products they can expect to find. This will help to build brand association and they will associate all three parts of the image with your brand even if they see similar storefronts in other small towns.

As a large brand, you’ll want your logo as your display picture as this will make it clear that the account belongs to the brand and it’s the official account of the brand. It also helps to build the association between the brand, the logo and the content you put out.


Now it’s time to decide what and who you’re representing on Instagram, are you a personal brand, local shop or a big brand name. By making these small simple changes which will take less than 20 minutes you can passively start to grow followers and if you combine it with other active growth methods, such as power likes, engagement pods and follow/unfollow you can really see the difference it makes.

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