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Instagram DM’s – Where The Sales Happen

Do you use Instagram for network marketing? 

Instagram can be a great channel to sell more of your products, however we’ve been getting a lot of messages from influencers who are struggling to see the returns they were hoping for…

So we’re going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions we get, plus some strategies on how to get your network marketing business poppin. 

One of the number one problems influencers face is coming across as spammy or cringe worthy every time they post – so let’s focus on ways to bring about success by growing your network and your team so you can maximise sales.

A Network of Relationships 

As the old mantra goes – ‘your network is your net worth’ and when it comes to network marketing it couldn’t be more true. 

So what’s the best way to build a network and grow your community on Instagram? 

Start conversations. 

Dedicate some time in your schedule for when you are purely going to reply to Stories or comment on posts or respond to any Direct Messages you get. 

DMs are where the sales will happen for you. 

There are 6 types of DMs you could try sending…

Text based – simple sales copy and can be powerful and effective (just think of it as texting someone). 

Pictures – send a photo from your camera roll or snap an entirely new photo.  

Videos – try filming directly from your message thread or upload from your camera roll (remember the videos can be only 15 seconds max). 

Video Chat – arrange a video call the same way you might FaceTime someone. 

Group Chat – perfect for bringing a group of multiple people together. 

Voice Notes – quick, effective and great if you like talking. 

So what does this outreach help you with: 

  • Awareness – head to the explore page and look for stories where people might be interested in your product and start a DM with them so they can discover your offering. 
  • Leads – DM the people commenting on your posts so further interactions can be made. You could also try using fun polls in your stories – anyone who engages with your poll can then be contacted via DM. 
  • Sales – send an unlimited number of links with DMs (just simply create the appropriate link and tap send to start a conversation). 
  • Brand Loyalty – use DMs to offer private customer support that is both helpful enough to peak their interest in your product. You could also add people to your ‘Close Friends’ list and only share exclusive content with them to personalise your connection with select audience members. 
  • Connections – create group threads with other influencers in your industry so you can network and generate brand partnerships to further each others’ success. 


When it comes to branding in the realm of network marketing you want to find a happy medium between a personal brand and a product based brand – where it should be clear that the product is enhancing your daily lifestyle. 

People often get confused about which target market they should go after – why? Because they are selling both the products and the business opportunity – does that mean you have two target markets? 

Put simply, no. The business opportunity will also appeal to the customer who is passionate about the product you’re selling – it’s important to remember that people could be interested in both options you’re selling which means there’s even more profit for the taking! 


So what if the entire world can benefit from your product or business opportunity? Niching almost seems like an impossible task… 

But the truth is that not everyone is interested (despite what you may think!). 

Try to identify what your average audience member looks like and hone in on what interests them about your product – then you can expand your offering to the business opportunity to an audience which is already interested in your product. 

Another brand tip is to ensure your bio is super clear and to the point. Your bio is the first thing your audience sees when they land on your profile – so what can you put in your bio to generate more leads for your business? 

Already written a bio? Well there’s nothing stopping you from refreshing your bio text and refining that all important brand message. 

  • With a limited amount of text available you must speak directly to your ideal follower – this requires you to be succinct and specific. 
  • Make sure your bio answers these questions: who you help and how? Anything extra is fluff!
  • Build authority – explain what makes you the best choice to solve their problem. 
  • Identify what differentiates you from your competitors and provide precise stats to backup your claims. 
  • Ask your customers how they see you and use their feedback to improve and iterate your offering accordingly. 
  • Provide a call to action which encourages people to click on your bio link (this could be a discount code or a link to a free ebook for instance). 

If you’re struggling try these templates for some inspiration 🙂 


Posting cheesy pictures of you holding your product with a big smile probably won’t get you the kind of sales you’re looking for, in fact we’d be surprised if you get many sales at all. 

If you’re looking for content inspo the first thing you should do is follow the top influencers in your niche who sell similar products and monitor how they generate their content. 

Head to your fave influencers profile and turn on notifications for their posts so you can really get a feel for how often they post and what kind of content they’re creating – you’ll quickly see a pattern developing which you can then emulate for your own profile. 

The content that pops on Instagram includes these core elements – it’s inspirational, educational and down right entertaining – if you get this right that’s half the job folks!

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