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Instagram Algorithm 2020

Can’t stop thinking about the Instagram algorithm? 

You’re not the only one. 

Sometimes the algorithm can feel like the uninvited third wheel tugging at the heels of your online business – an unpredictable digital gatekeeper that rewards your content one day and punishes it the next (it’s easy to put all the blame on Instagram). 

So how can you maintain a healthy relationship with the Instagram algorithm in 2020? 

If it all feels like a mystery then this blog is for you. 

And before you ask – I am not a self professed Instagram guru making this up as I go along. 

The following information is straight from the source: Instagram. 

And we’re going to show you how to use this information to ensure you have an enduring healthy relationship with the algorithm. 

What is the Instagram Algorithm? 

If you want Instagram success, you must first come to terms with this: the algorithm is outside your control, but you control everything else. 

The algorithm is powered by machine learning – this means it is constantly tracking your actions so it can feed you content based on what you like, watch, share, comment and engage with on a daily basis. 

Because of this no Explore page is the same for every user. And by interacting with the algorithm in an authentic manner, Instagram will serve up scroll worthy content until you can scroll no more. 

With so much content being shared every minute of every day, it’s impossible for the algorithm to show you all the posts from all the accounts you follow, however you will see content deemed relevant, newsworthy and unmissable by the algorithm. 

How The Instagram Algorithm Works? 

Now, let’s discuss how to make the algorithm favour you.    

It may seem obvious but your content has to capture the hearts and minds of your audience. It’s essential to post good quality images, relevant hashtags and suitable captions for your target audience. 

Posting poor content warrants equally poor results so be sure to use Instagram best practices to give your account the best chance of growing exponentially – see our blog on Instagram do’s & don’ts here.

Instagram decides how effective you are at this based on the initial interactions your post receives – saves, shares, comments, replies and DMs. The algorithm considers these to be high quality interactions and if you receive a lot of these in a short space of time the algorithm will boost you up the feed and show your posts to more people.  

But what about ‘shadow bans’ we hear you say? Instagram has confirmed that it does not hide content, and shadow banning is not built into the algorithm. It’s simply that there’s a lot of content out there nowadays and if you’re content isn’t getting positive interactions from the get go then you won’t be appearing in the feed. 

So now that you’re relationship status with the algorithm has gone from ‘it’s complicated’ to ‘in a healthy scrolling relationship’ – just what exactly should you be posting on a daily basis? 

Find out in our next blog: What To Post On Instagram.

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