How to post better photos and make your feed awesome

Wondering what to post? Want your photos to boost your following? On a platform based primarily on images you can bet visuals mean a lot. Although that doesn’t mean you can only post if you have pictures of 1000 beaches, 60 plates of expensive tiny meals and a bikini body. You need to engage people, catch attention and stick to your brand.
You need to post better pictures.

“On Instagram hashtags are King but CONTENT is Queen”

Improving your shots

To stand out you need to make sure your content looks good, This means having the right proportions on images, good quality and if something is a focus make it central. I’ve put together some tips I find most useful to make your feed look aesthetically pleasing and interest more people.

  1. If you’re taking pictures on your phone use Instagram’s camera to line it up in the usual square dimensions to see how it’ll look on your
  2. Increase your Exposure, Contrast & Sharpness, This will make images cleaner, brighter and generally more appealing.
  3. Add a little fade around the focus on the picture, this will bring the photo together for that instant wow.
  4. If you can use natural lighting, do it! As awkward as it can be to get a shot just right, artificial lights will tint the colours of your image.
  5. Turn on the grid feature. Use the feature to line up all the elements as perfectly as possible.
  6. Bright pictures always look better so if you’re taking pictures of a model use clothing and backgrounds to brighten up the picture or juxtapose a dark setting.
  7. Use shadows and darkness too! Silhouettes make awesome features in pictures.

What do I post?

If you know how to post better photos you need to know what to take pictures of, I’ve put together some ideas of what to post as an Influencer or Business to get you started.

Yourself- Wearing an outfit you love? Post it! Feeling confident? Share a selfie! People love positivity so if you’re feeling good someone else will love to see that!

Food- If you go out for dinner make the most out of it! look for a wooden table as a backdrop or a clear surface to maintain focus.

Things you like- Suggest to your follows if you find a really good camera, App, shop or similar! Posting like this can lead to brands sponsoring you to post their products too if you develop enough of a following and exposure.

Landscapes or your travels- Travel pictures makeup over 30% of Instagram, it’s undeniable that people love looking at holiday destinations and day dreaming or planning, your images could fuel someone’s adventure!

Behind the scenes- What’s going on in the office? Giving your customers an insight to your business makes you more approachable and interesting!

Your product in use- Remember if someone is following an account for Teddy bears they probably want to see some Teddy bears. Don’t get carried away with becoming approachable and forget your product.

Staff profiles- Show your followers the faces of your brand, it helps, again, make your brand look approachable and real but also shows you to be more of a community.

Animals- Everyone on Instagram loves animals. If your office allows pets, take a few pictures for a “Pet takeover” it’s fun and engaging especially in a multiple post story or adventure showing the pet’s day at work!

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