“How does this thing work?”
Influencer Swap is a community of influencers that support each other with engagement so everyone in the group gets more visibility on their Instagram Profiles.. Influencer swap is great way to meet other people, network and grow your Instagram account.We run 6 x like rounds via our Telegram group every day.
“What kind of groups do you have?”
We curate  & manage Influencer Communities on Instagram & Telegram. We match members in groups with similar accounts.
“I can’t find my group?”
If you can’t find your group, and you haven’t been able to find it for 24 hours, don’t be afraid to let us know! We will sort it immediately.
“The members of my group aren’t active?”
We are moving everyone into our new Telegram group which is regulated, so only those who want to be involved can drop their usernames to take part in the rounds.
“How do I join?”
Choose the package that works for you here. Once you’ve chosen a package your service will start within 24 hours.
“How do I cancel my membership?”
You can cancel at any time, just drop us an email to or send us a DM on our Instagram.
“Do you offer a follower growth service?”  
Yes! Due to huge demand for the service we’ve recently launched the Influencer Swap Growth plan to guarantee 2,000+ new organically grown, targeted followers for you every month. You can join here: